Investing in alternatives is a long and complex journey. Our platform simplifies it.

The Crystal Way vs. Transactional Access Platforms

Many alternative investment platforms that exist today are designed to facilitate transactions, and support stops after the sale is complete. We believe that achieving real and lasting results for your clients requires more than just access. Our platform is here to simplify, complement, and enhance your operational workflows, offering advisors the ability to invest and maintain their clients’ investments like an institution.

Crystal Capital Partner's Platform

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Transactional Platform

Turn-Key Solution: Alt Text
Crystal Transactional
Low Investment Minimums
Conflict-Free Manager Selection Process
Consolidated Subscription Process
Ability To Create Diversified Portfolios of Private Equity, Private Credit, Venture Capital, SPVs, and Hedge Funds
Digital Client Facing Proposals
Consolidated Account Statement Per Investor
Aggregated K-1 Documentation Per Investor
Consolidated Capital Calls, Distribution Notices, Redemption Process
Digitization of all Documents / Signatures
Proprietary Portfolio Management Tools & Optimization Software, Designed for Alts
Liquidity & Rebalancing Software
Qualitative Research Reports, Verified by Independent Operational Due Diligence Provider
Post-Sales Advisor Support
Alignment of Interest: Partner Capital Represents a Substantial Percentage of AUM
Integrated With All Major Custodial Platforms

= Some, Not All

What Sets Us Apart

Understand more about how our investment team sourced funds.
Learn how we simplify your alternative investment back-office needs.
Use our proprietary quantitative analytics to help you quantify the value alts bring.
View a sample client-facing investment proposal.