Miami, FL – 2017

Crystal Capital Partners Launches Private Equity Platform for Advisors

Crystal Capital Partners (Crystal) is expanding its advisor focused turn-key solution to include Private Equity Funds.

Total assets for the private capital industry hit an all-time high of $4.6 trillion¹ as of June 2016. As the private-equity industry has grown, advisors have been increasingly interested in private equity for their clients. Providing alternative investing solutions since 1994, private equity is a natural evolution of our service.

“Our core philosophy is to listen to you, the financial advisor, and create solutions that help you navigate the alternative investment journey.” - Steven Brod, CEO

Until now, private equity has largely been the domain of institutional investors. Most high net worth individuals and independent investment advisors have had limited or, in many cases, no ability to access top managers of private funds. The high minimum investment thresholds have made it difficult for most high net worth investors and advisors to invest in individual funds and build a diversified portfolio of private equity investments.

In addition to the challenges of finding private equity fund offerings, independent advisors and their investors often lack the tools and information required to evaluate them.

Our private equity platform provides exposure to approximately 10 institutional private equity funds. Our manager selection process is conflict-free, as we are not compensated by any of the managers in the program.

We have resolved barriers of access ($1 million portfolio minimums, no per-fund minimums), research and due diligence, reporting, portfolio execution, tax preparation, and other complexities.

Subscribing to multiple funds has never been easier with our single one-time electronic subscription document. Clients, in turn, receive a consolidated account statement, audit and K1s. Our private equity platform is fully integrated with the major custodial platforms and data aggregators.

Private equity investing is a long-term journey. Areas such as portfolio monitoring and rebalancing, liquidity management and client education require thorough and ongoing review throughout the life-cycle of these investments. Our experienced team is here to support advisors through every step of the way.

¹Source: Prequin’s 2017 Global Private Equity Report. Total assets for the private capital industry include private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources funds.